HOPR joins in AVADO’s new NFT-based Rewards Program

Switzerland, April 10th: HOPR and AVADO, both Swiss-based blockchain companies, have announced a partnership wherein AVADO and HOPR-PC users are eligible to claim NFT-linked rewards via AVADO’s NFT. HOPR is the first project to utilize this program which can reward device owners or users of certain Dapps from AVADO’s DAppstore.

The HOPR dapp is a full HOPR node running on an AVADO or HOPR-PC device. HOPR is the first incentivized mixnet, allowing for metadata-less transfer of information, with these transfers resolving on blockchain technology.

AVADO produces robust hardware devices which support web3 dapp services as well as letting home users host full blockchain nodes, including Ethereum. 

This partnership is the first utilization of AVADO’s NFT-based DAppstore rewards option, which makes it possible for dapp providers to reward users by utilizing non-fungible tokens as an identifier of hardware ownership and/or particular dapp usage. 

HOPR is pleased at this opportunity to reward users of the HOPR dapp, as well as HOPR-PC purchasers. 

Towards a Decentralized World, Software and Hardware United

Web3 is poised to transform how we relate to one another digitally, but even with tremendous developments on the software side of this equation, internet infrastructure still tends towards centralization. While AWS and Google services are undeniably convenient, and server rentals are a great way to avoid high startup costs, these benefits don’t outweigh the costs of funneling internet infrastructure into very few service providers. 

Even apparently decentralized services can be centralized when many nodes support the service running from the same server farm. True decentralization requires individuals to support the Web3 infrastructure.

This is the novelty that AVADO provides, and as such HOPR has been proud to support, and be supported, by AVADO towards this endeavor. 

NFTs: More than kitsch internet art

Using AVADO NFTs, HOPR is able to reward owners of AVADO and HOPR-PCs via a distribution of HOPR tokens.

The distribution is as follows:

  • Existing HOPR-PC users who purchased a device (up to first 300) will receive 500 HOPR tokens

  • Existing AVADO users who purchased a device before April 1st 2021 (up to 1000) will receive 100 HOPR tokens

  • Future AVADO/HOPR-PC users who install the HOPR package (up to 1000) will receive 50 HOPR tokens

HOPR will use identifiers in the NFTs which will distinguish between an AVADO device and HOPR-PC, and the date of purchase of these devices. By utilizing non-fungible tokens and undertaking the rewards program in this manner, AVADO and HOPR avoid inappropriate exchanges of purchaser info that would not be suitable to transfer to/from either party. Data privacy is always our top priority.

It doesn’t hurt that NFTs are ‘all the rage,’ either. NFTs can give your favorite meme actual utility. AVADO and HOPR both aim to utilize NFTs more fully in this opportunity to partner together. 

I Want My NFT! 

First, you’ll need to have the Metamask extension added to your browser. Once this is prepared, please visit NFT.AVA.DO where you’ll be able to mint your own unique NFT. The email address you used with your AVADO order will be required to validate your purchase.

This is available to every purchaser of an AVADO or HOPR-PC, whether in 2018 until today.


The HOPR Team